Senior UX Designer

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Date: Jun 22, 2022

Location: Lisbon, PT Berlin, DE

Company: Springer Nature Group

Springer Nature opens the doors to discovery for researchers, educators, clinicians and other professionals. Every day, around the globe, our imprints, books, journals, platforms and technology solutions reach millions of people. For over 175 years our brands and imprints have been a trusted source of knowledge to these communities and today, more than ever, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that fundamental knowledge can be found, verified, understood and used by our communities – enabling them to improve outcomes, make progress, and benefit the generations that follow. 

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Senior UX Designer - Librarian Experience


We are looking for a UX designer to work with our Librarian Experience team where we address the needs of our Institutional Customers, academic and corporate libraries. Springer Nature delivers academic content from our various imprints like Nature, Springer, and BioMed Central to these libraries, large and small, all over the world. Our Librarian Experience team is developing tools for these librarians to manage this complex content and understand how their patrons are using it.

You will be part of the Springer Nature global UX team and embedded within the product team that creates access and visualization solutions for these librarians. The role will be based in either Lisbon or Berlin and you will work with colleagues in our offices around the world. 

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The Role

You will be responsible for advocating for our users, the librarians, and working with your team and stakeholders to capture and validate their needs in an effective and collaborative way. You aren’t phased by change or “failing fast,” and you can design solutions to user needs iteratively and quickly. 


The work the Librarian Experience team does is making our various subscriptions easier to manage, our products easier to order, and help librarians understand how their patrons find and use our content so the librarians can optimize their budgets. This work requires stepping into the world of academic libraries to understand how they function, and then creating new flows and visualizations of vast amounts of usage and rejection data to help librarians manage how their many patrons use our publications.


This role will offer the opportunity to define and deliver global research, user journeys, and iterative design solutions to help shape and influence the product backlog(s) as well as the team's longer term roadmap.


You will have support from our visual design team in helping to shape the visual language of our various brands and ensure consistency between them, and our research operations team to streamline your research.


What you’ll be doing

Within 6 months


  • Build your understanding of the diverse product range we offer across our world famous journals and book content

  • Understand the business drivers, scope, and priorities of the Librarian Experience team

  • Develop strong working relationships with product owner and key stakeholders across the organisation

  • Help plan, design, and facilitate workshops that will help your team understand how to identify customer needs

  • Establish and develop good relationships with your product team, key stakeholders, and the wider UXD practice

  • Create plan for generative user research and collaborate with product owner in defining the product roadmap


Within 12 months 


  • Help drive a process of continuous discovery in the team, regularly interacting with customers in order to effectively help them 

  • Plan and carry out user research in line with the research plan

  • Identify key growth points, and develop a strategy for the future of the product’s usability

  • Using UX KPI’s and succinct and accessible user insights, be able to communicate how you are evaluating the effectiveness of the user experience to influence stakeholders and your product team(s)

  • Become an active and integral part of the wider UX team


Daily Delivery

You’ll be an essential part of daily product development. You will be expected to help the team continue to establish a more lean and iterative development approach and choose appropriate research and design methods and techniques to support this. 

You will:

  • Sketch design solutions and prototype where needed when working on stories/tasks

  • Create and maintain journey maps for each defined group of users

  • Collaborate closely with visual designer and front-end developer in realizing designs 

  • Ensure designs are accessible and advocate for accessibility in the team

  • QA design work and provide feedback to developers and visual designers

  • Include team in in-person and remote research activities on a regular basis

  • Show your product team how design helps support a lean and iterative development approach 

  • Ensure the service is consistent with our UI guidelines and design system


User Research responsibilities

You will be directly responsible for research throughout the life cycle of the project. A Research Lead will support you in designing and establishing a research programme to validate design decisions instead of designing through assumption. 

You will:

  • Develop a research plan. You’ll do this in conjunction with your leads (UX, Research) and product owner to explore, understand, and make sense of the domain

  • Work with our Research lead to create a panel of users

  • Recruit, organise, plan, and run workshops, studies, and research activities

  • Share findings within the project, programme, and design team

  • Get the team involved in research activities where feasible


Part of Job Description and responsibilities but not for advertising the role.

INTERNAL - Responsibilities for Team Strategy and Culture


  • Collect data about the user research process in order to track user research activities and improve the overall efficiency. Namely, measure turnaround times to complete a round of user research and assess confidence in being able to complete a round of user research when needed, record data about cadence of user research and the influence of the findings on product improvements as well as on team ways of working.

  • Define, in collaboration with the team, what experience rot means for the product and ways to identify and flag it when it occurs. Build and embed within the team explicit visible and shared process for dealing with experience rot both proactive and reactive.

  • Drive a culture of user research in your team and push for it to be a collective team activity in terms of observation, participation and analysis.



  • Grow your understanding of Lean UX and continuously strive for improvement of team ways of working towards a Lean approach, through collaboration with and influence on team members. Aim for minimising design deliverables wastage and show demonstrable steps taken to achieve this.

  • Design using the simplest and leanest tool appropriate for the job and team setup and educate the team against the need for high fidelity and long-term design solutions

  • Reflect on team processes and look for opportunities to improve. Work with the UXD Domain Lead to map out what the process is within your team and how to make it more efficient if applicable.

  • Actively contribute to team collaboration and idea generation. Seek the earliest opportunity for pairing with team members and stakeholders and involve them in design thinking activities as early as possible, before designing in isolation.

  • Constantly seek to frame delivery conversations around solving problems and achieving goals rather than features and educate the team if necessary about the importance of doing so.



  • Ensure you work with your team to define which UX metrics are relevant and useful to the product, its direction and success.

  • Implement ways to collect and evaluate data to track those metrics on a regular basis

  • Socialise those metrics and ensure the team often refers to them in conversations about product developments

  • Educate key stakeholders and team members about the importance of these metrics


If you are an internal candidate please inform your line manager of your application.

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