Our editorial and publishing staff within the research division of Springer Nature are committed to supporting researchers through advancing discovery and communicating science. From the conception of a journal and commissioning content, to final publication of an article or a book, our aim is to serve our research communities.

The impact of technology on our businesses is exciting and the opportunities for us are unlimited. We relish this challenge and want to work with others who feel the same. Our technology experts understand that developments such as big data and mass communication are changing the way we learn and discover. We are driven by the desire to develop new technology services that move beyond merely providing content, to creating products and services that support the work of scientists and scholars, professors and teachers, students and life-long learners.

We maintain high standards within our group functions and attract professional and commercial candidates with best practice knowledge and an entrepreneurial attitude. Our Legal, Finance, Human Resources and Communications teams play a key role in the success of our businesses and have genuine influence on the management and direction of a multinational organisation in a constantly evolving industry.

To grow our business, we have credible and committed sales teams around the world representing us to our customers. Our sales executives and managers pride themselves on building long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships by listening and responding to the changing needs of their academic, institutional and professional customers, as well as consumers. The people in the marketing teams at Springer Nature combine a passion for communication with deep insight into their markets to ensure we maximise our reach and get our content and services into the hands of the people who need them.

In production we value the ability to maintain a sharp eye for detail despite the pressure of looming deadlines. Our production teams are made up of a range of experts responsible for managing all stages of the production process in both print and online. This includes elements of design and layout, preparing and inspecting artwork, liaising with editors and authors, issue planning, checking author proofs and working with typesetters and printers.

Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions located in Pune, India is the technology and publishing solutions arm of Springer Nature. We leverage our insight in the publishing domain and acquire, produce and deliver content across media and markets with our Technology and Publishing Solutions. With a focus on technology driven solutions and deep insight in the publishing domain, Springer Nature Technology and Publishing.